Alessio Gambi, senior lecturer and project partner from the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, presented the project during the Forschungsforum 2023, the research forum of Austrian universities focused on applied sciences topics, celebrated from 19th – 20th of April in St. Pölten (Austria).

During his presentation, entitled “Improving Autonomous Vehicles Safety Driven by Critical Scenario Simulation”, Alessio Gambi presented FLEXCRASH as a key European project developing a flexible and hybrid manufacturing of green aluminium to produce tailored adaptive crash-tolerant structures.

The presentation delivered also included an explanation about how the project is designing vehicle safety mechanisms using a novel additive technology that applies surface patterns onto performed parts to reduce weight, increase safety and optimise crash performance of current and future vehicles. Additionally, the presentation also offered a general overview of the project’s phases, the scenario-based testing proposed, the critical scenarios synthesis and the study of Avs behaviour in critical scenarios, among others.

Forschungsforum had the objective to connect researchers of various disciplines, young talents, senior experts, developers, users, experts and citizen scientists to share experiences and discuss about different topics related to applied sciences.