Linked projects

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Novel Concepts for Safer, Lighter, Circular and Smarter Vehicle Design

The SALIENT project focuses on future-proof light vehicle designs, which have an increased compatibility with mixed traffic and are better prepared for crashes and collisions. This European project aims at developing novel concepts for safer, lighter, circular and smarter vehicle structure design for enhanced crashworthiness and higher compatibility.

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Advancing aluminium recycling for electric cars

The SALEMA project is a combined strategy of decreasing the critical raw material dependency and creating a sustainable economy in the aluminium manufacturing industry of Europe. The project aims to implement a circular economy model to reintegrate scrap aluminium materials into the primary aluminium manufacturing process of car parts.

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Vehicle for stand-alone and shared mobility

The Leonardo project aims to develop an affordable, safe, easy to manage and cheap to maintain electric micro-vehicle, which does not require parking and is not left on the road or on the sidewalk and that overcomes the limitations of currently available micro-vehicles.

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