Gemmate Technologies



The mission of Gemmate Technologies s.r.l. is to innovate existing products and make new ones from science and technology advances.  From early research developments, by developing and mastering key enabling technologies, new potential business are gauged and the due actions to have them started up carried out.  From initial laboratories results, Gemmate Technologies scales up the key enabling technologies, and conceives and develops implementation plans to manufacture the assessment prototypes, as well as business plans to pave the way for product development and commercialization.  A main goal of Gemmate Technology is to spin out novel product-making companies to extend the holding and its profit.

Contribution to Flexcrash

In this project we contribute to develop design concept for hybrid manufacturing, conceiving lightweight components for automotive application. A new paradigm based on Adding-Value Functional Features (AVFF) is adopted. AVFFs are small-scale 3D geometric features deposited on a preformed substrate, giving it one or more additional functionalities. Within Flexcrash, GEM works on the development of AVFF with optimal crash resistance, trough intensive experimental and modelling work.