CRF has the mission to develop and transfer innovative products, processes and methodologies in order to improve the competitiveness of the products of Stellantis. Through the cooperation with a pan-European and increasingly global network of more than 1700 partners from Industry and academia, CRF conducts collaborative research initiatives at the national and international levels in partnership with all the key public and private stakeholders concerned with Sustainable Mobility, targeting specifically the industrial exploitation of research.

CRF develops research and innovation along the three principal axes of sustainability: Environmental, Social, Economic competitiveness, all oriented to the whole ww fleet.

Contribution to Flexcrash

CRF contributes in Flexcrash project by defining the product features and manufacturing needs to allow the analysis and calculation of the environmental and economic impact of the project novelties on the current production thus to overcome the possible barriers to the use of knowledge.

CRF codesigns, coproduces, tests and evaluates the project demonstrator specifically conceived for the project to demonstrate new design and manufacturing concepts to improve both the passive and active safety of future mobility.