Fraunhofer IWS



Fraunhofer IWS develops complex system solutions in materials and laser technology. We define ourselves as idea drivers developing customized solutions based on laser applications, functionalized surfaces and material and process innovations – from easy-to-integrate custom solutions to cost-efficient solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to industry-ready one-stop solutions. Our sector research focuses on aerospace, energy and environmental technology, automotive, medical and mechanical engineering, toolmaking, electrical engineering and microelectronics, and photonics and optics. In our five future and innovation fields of battery technology, hydrogen technology, surface functionalization, photonic production systems and additive manufacturing, we are already creating the basis today for the technological answers of tomorrow. 

Contribution to Flexcrash

Fraunhofer IWS is in charge of defining the capabilities and limitations of the LMD technology in manufacturing AVFF through the “Direct Energy Deposition and Hybrid Manufacturing” group. IWS will develop the LMD process for Al alloys as well as the deposition strategies for different AVFF geometries with a strong focus on material quality. Moreover, IWS will be working on improving the stability and reliability of the LMD process in a lab environment to favor the technology implementation in a highly cost-driven sector such as the automotive one.