Aerobase Innovations



Aerobase Innovations AB focuses on providing advanced material models for the simulation of manufacturing and complex in-service loading. We have two flagship products. Phases is a library of models for predicting the microstructure (grain size, precipitation, phase composition, plastic strain, and damage evolution) during hot/cold forming. SafeLight is a library of models for material failure based on stress tri-axiality that can capture the post-buckling behaviour, including the element size and thickness dependency. This model can be coupled to results from thermo-mechanical forming analysis & can predict force-response post-buckling. We provide state-of-the-art material models for the production and performance of metallic components. 

Contribution to Flexcrash

Aerobase is responsible for developing a ‘production ready’ material model for HPDC components that combines the deterministic aspects of microstructure variations and the probabilistic aspect of the spread of defects. Using this advanced model, it is possible to predict the failure of the component during deformation. These models will be adequately verified, validated, and benchmarked.