Project partners from Eurecat, the FLEXCRASH coordinator, and Gestamp attended the webinar The Circular Metal for Future Mobility: aluminium for lightweight and sustainability, organised by the SALEMA project last 6th of October.

Sergi Parareda, project’s technical coordinator and researcher at the Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit of Eurecat, and Andoni Agirre, project partner and Senior R&D Engineer at Gestamp, participated in the event delivering the presentation “FLEXCRASH: new generation of crash-tolerant structures”.

The presentation offered a general overview about the project and its consortium and showcased the expected benefits and results of the solutions to be developed by FLEXCRASH, as well as the future relevant crash scenarios, the active safety crash structure concept and flexible and hybrid manufacturing technologies considered within the project.



In addition, the webinar included the participation of representatives from the International Magnesium Association and the European Aluminium, together with other European projects such as Fatigue4Light and FLAMINGo.

The SALEMA project, coordinated by Eurecat, produces novel aluminium alloys with minimalised critical raw material content with the objective to implement a circular economy model to reintegrate scrap aluminium materials into the primary aluminium manufacturing process of car parts.